The story of our company started over 45 years ago. Sitting on a beach in San Diego a young sailor from Long Island assigned to his first ship met a girl from Indiana and ask
her to marry him that same night.

Here we are 3 kids and 9 grandkids later. A 24-year Naval career going from E1 to O4.
Moving from the west coast after 15 years and finishing his naval career on the
east coast, we landed in Indiana. During the pandemic we started a freeze-dried
candy business. It took off like crazy. John just retired from his second career
to grow the business, and he had dreams of a fudge kettle.

Our youngest daughter and John worked on refining the recipes. Our middle daughter has a lot of experience in the food production industry, our son had a lot of business experience so he added his 2 cents. Our grand kids are wonderful taste testers. So, it
really is a family business. We struggled coming up with a name. We wanted it
to have a military connection.  We were sitting, talking with one of our grandsons one night, He had a t-shirt on that said

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot…

It was like a light came on. Whiskey Tango Fudge
was born.